Join the festivities and celebrate Japan-Canada 90th anniversary together!

Canada-Japan 90 Years Logo


Following the festivities of 2018 to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Japan’s diplomatic mission to Canada, the celebrations will continue in 2019 which will mark the 90th anniversary of the opening of Canada’s legation in Japan. As stated by the leaders from both countries, Japan and Canada are entering ‘a new era for cooperation’, and we would like to realize this project through cooperation and exchange. The 2018 official logo was widely used, and now we have chosen an official logo for 2019. The logo may be used at no charge by any groups and companies throughout 2019 for public promotion and celebrations.


Official Logo


The application form (PDF/Word) should be submitted to the Embassy of Japan in Canada by email at at least one week prior to the usage. The subject of the application email should be “Application for 90th Anniversary Logo Usage”. We will accept applications from December 6, 2018 to December 1, 2019.



Usage Example

  • On business Cards                
  • On publications like company newsletters
  • At events (if you wish for your event to be recognized as an official 90th anniversary related event, a separate application is required. Please visit the Embassy of Japan in Canada’s website for details.)
  • Other(As long as it follows our regulations, you can use it freely with your ideas.)



  1. The applicant shall not alter the design or color scheme of the logo.
  2. The logo will not be used to advocate any particular political ideology or religion, nor will it support any political activity or election campaign, nor will it violate public order or standards of decency. The applicant shall not use the logo for commercial purposes, e.g., by marketing the logo or using it in support of commercial activities.
  3. The applicant shall be responsible for all aspects of using the logo, including bearing all related expenses.
  4. All rights relating to the logo, including copyright, belong to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan and Global Affairs Canada.
  5. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan and Global Affairs Canada will not be responsible for any use of the logo by other parties.
  6. In case the Embassy cancels the approval for the submitted usage, the logo shall not be used as of the day of cancellation.


Embassy of Japan in Canada: