Free and Open Indo-Pacific


Ambassador Kawamura at the Montreal Council on Foreign Relations (December 2021)


Embassy events

2022/01/13   Ambassador Kawamura's participation in the webinar "Canada, NATO and the Indo -Pacific" hosted by Canada NATO Association  (Recorded on December 3/Published on December 31, 2021)

2021/12/15   Keynote speech by Ambassador Kawamura for Webinar on Japan’s Foreign and Security policies
2021/12/1     Ambassador Kawamura's speech at the Montreal Council on Foreign Relations
2021/10/26   Ambassador Kawamura’s remarks at the Centre for the Study of Global Japan, the University of Toronto
2021/10/21   Ambassador’s Virtual Lectures to University of Ottawa and Carleton University students
2021/6/1       Keynote Remarks by Ambassador Kawamura for Webinar on Securing Cyber Space
2021/1/27     Keynote Remarks by Ambassador Kawamura for Webinar on Connectivity after COVID

2020/1/22     Speech by Ambassador Kawamura at Vancouver FOIP Conference

2019/11/12   Ambassador's Lecture: "Japan and Canada: Where we are and where we go?"
2019/10/25   Ambassador's Lecture: Japan-Canada Relations and the Vision of a Free and Open Indo-Pacific

2018/5/25    Guest lecture: "Asia-Pacific Economic and Political Relations" Class at Carleton University
2018/3/27    Panel discussion: Friends and Allies: Openness, Freedom and the Rule of Law in the Indo-Pacific

2017/2/14   Lecture: Japan and Canada in Today's East Asian Security Landscape


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Free and Open Indo-Pacific

2022/1/22     Japan-U.S. Summit Video Teleconference Meeting
2022/1/21     Monitoring and surveillance activities by UK against illicit maritime activities including ship-to-ship transfers
2022/1/21     Sixth Japan-France Foreign and Defense Ministers’ Meeting
2022/1/17     Foreign Policy Speech by Foreign Minister Hayashi to the 208th Session of the Diet
2022/1/14     Japan-India Foreign Ministers’ Telephone Talk
2022/1/6       Japan-Australia Leaders Video Teleconference Meeting
2022/1/6       Japan-U.S. Foreign Ministers’ Telephone Talk
2022/1/6       Japan-Australia Reciprocal Access Agreement
2021/12/22   Video Teleconference Meeting between Foreign Minister HAYASHI and H.E. Ambassador Katherine Tai, United States Trade Representative
2021/12/20   Japan-Argentina Foreign Ministers’ Video Conference

Ministry of Defense of Japan

Achieving the “Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP)” Vision / Japan Ministry of Defense’s Approach

2021/12/9   Japan-Canada Defense Ministers' Video Teleconference
2021/4/28   Japan-Canada Defense Ministers' Video Teleconference