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Discover Japan: NHK World Documentary Selection
The Embassy of Japan, in collaboration with NHK World-Japan, will be making 16 documentary videos are available for you to enjoy and discover Japan and Japanese culture.

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Dignity for All: The Legacy of Sadako Ogata
Sadako Ogata served as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees during a decade of ethnic conflict after the end of the Cold War, transforming the framework for humanitarian assistance and winning the respect of the world. "Advanced nations must not turn inward and fixate on their own national interests. "As she made this plea for internationalism, how did she view the world? Looking back at her work and her words through NHK's archives, studio guests discuss the secrets of her adept leadership, her unbending convictions and behind-the-scenes episodes in her career. (50 min.)
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JAPAN FROM ABOVE - The Great Wild North
“JAPAN FROM ABOVE” takes you on an aerial journey across Japan. Enjoy a bird's-eye view of Japan's amazingly diverse landscapes, as well as intimate portraits of people leading contrasting lives. In the episode of "The Great Wild North", we explore Hokkaido, located in the northern part of Japan. From the limpid waters of Lake Mashu to the steaming hot springs of "Hell Valley" in Noboribetsu, Hokkaido presents some of the most breath taking landscapes in Japan. On our journey, we meet a photographer, cheesemakers, a hot spring "doctor" and a horse lover, as well as a group of women upholding fascinating folk traditions. Each life unfolds in harmony with the seasons. “The Great Wild North” and 4 other episodes were co-produced between NHK, Gedeon Programmes, ZDF Arte and Voyage. (49 min.)
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JAPAN FROM ABOVE - Gifts from the Mountains
In this episode, we begin our journey in Aomori Prefecture in the northeastern part of Honshu, Japan's largest main island. From there, we fly over the mountains of Yamagata Prefecture and visit the east coast of Tohoku, an area still battling to recover following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. We meet people who harness the power of nature to grow crops, breed fish and make unique cuisine, and then finally go behind the scenes at a fish market and a public bath in Tokyo. “Gifts from the Mountains”and 4 other episodes were co-produced between NHK, Gedeon Programmes, ZDF Arte and Voyage. (49 min.)
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JAPAN FROM ABOVE - Cradle of Traditions
In this episode, we explore central and western parts of Japan, starting in the Kansai region. Kansai, which includes the ancient cities of Nara and Kyoto, is the cradle of Japanese culture and religion. As well as enjoying stunning scenes from the air in the heartland of Japan, we meet a swordmaker, a plant hunter, a traditional entertainer and a pair of paper makers. Whatever their chosen path in life, they seek to uphold knowledge and wisdom passed down through the years. “Cradle of Traditions” and 4 other episodes were co-produced between NHK, Gedeon Programmes, ZDF Arte and Voyage. (49 min.)
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JAPAN FROM ABOVE - Land of the Prayers
In this episode, we begin our journey in Hiroshima Prefecture and explore sacred locations in Chugoku and Shikoku regions in western Japan. In Shikoku, we join a couple on a famous pilgrimage. We fly to Izumo to visit an ancient Shinto shrine, and then on to Tottori Prefecture with its other-worldly sand dunes. The people we meet tackle diverse and demanding challenges: a woman who shares a message of peace in Hiroshima; a man who grows olives on an island; and a teacher ofkagura, an ancient form of dance and drama. “Land of the Prayers” and 4 other episodes were co-produced between NHK, Gedeon Programmes, ZDF Arte and Voyage. (49 min.)
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JAPAN FROM ABOVE - Treasure Islands
In this episode, we explore Kyushu and Okinawa Prefecture in southwest Japan. Kyushu is a hot bed of volcanic activity, from the onsen resort of Beppu to the towering majesty of Mt. Aso. While the forces of nature may wreak havoc, they also bring benefits and stimulate the imagination. In Okinawa, we visit graves that nurture happy families. We also touch on Okinawa's tragic wartime history before moving on to a scenic island that one man finds perfect for free diving. “Treasure Islands” and 4 other episodes were co-produced between NHK, Gedeon Programmes, ZDF Arte and Voyage. (49 min.)
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Geiko Satsuki, A Beauty Through the Seasons
Gion Kobu is the largest geisha district in Kyoto. Gion, with its history of about 400 years, has over 60 teahouses in a narrow alley of only 1 kilometer square. In the neighborhood, there are shops of various artisans supporting and sustaining the district. Satsuki is an exceptional geisha; she has been the top seller for 7 consecutive years in Gion Kobu. She has emerged as a geisha of a new age. What is her secret that steals these customers' hearts? This program follows Satsuki throughout a year and introduces Omotenashi, Japanese hospitality, by showing traditional geisha games such as Konpirafunefune and Tosenkyo. In addition, the program features the skills of artisans and craftsmen creating hairornaments, kimonos and three-stringed musical instruments for geishas, while inviting the audience to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the four seasons of Kyoto. (50 min.)
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SAKE R-Evolution - A Fever Brewing across the Globe
Once, the true taste of sake could only be experienced in Japan, due to its complicated brewing method and conditions unique to Japan. But that‘s not true anymore. Through Japanesere tailers’ efforts to apply new technologies and the passion of the foreign sake-lovers, sake is now becoming a global beverage. In the first of 2 episodes, we visit Africa, Europe and America to witness sake‘s skyrocketing popularity and the devotion behind the opening of genuine sake breweries outside Japan. (44 min.)
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SAKE R-Evolution - Heady Milestones in a New Era
In the second of 2 episodes, we focus on Japan and France, countries known for their many connoisseurs of fine beverages. France is a top producer of wine, and now the French mindset is bringing about a revolution in the sake tradition. One Japanese brewer adopts the concept of terroir and starts using French rice, and the former cellar masterat Dom Perignon attempts to make the ultimate sake by combining Japanese craftsmanship with the art of "assemblage." What are the results? (44 min.)
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Trails to Oishii Tokyo: Fabulous Fruits
On Trails to Oishii Tokyo, reporters from around the world explore Japan's unique ingredients. Often given as gifts, high-end Japanese fruits aren't only delicious, they have the visual appeal of radiant jewels. Researchers and farmers go to great lengths to ensure they're grown to the perfect shape and pigment. Join us on a journey in search of fabulous fruit. (49 min.)
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Trails to Oishii Kyoto: A Culinary Tale
Kyoto's cuisine is marked by an interplay between ingredients and seasonality. The city long served as Japan's capital, during which time it developed a unique culinary culture that lives on to this day. That culture includes dining on hamo, a kind of eel, at open-air, riverside restaurants, and feasting on fine vegetables that evolved thanks to Kyoto's distinct terroir. Kyoto's colourful, elaborate cuisine is the basis of fine Japanese cooking. Discover what makes Kyoto so delicious: so "oishii.“ (49 min.)
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Stay at Home Kawaii - Time Flies When It's Fun!
People continue to find new ways of having fun at home du event you can attend while staying home. We will also take a peek into the home life of a Tokyo fashionista. (28 min)
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Stay at Home Kawaii - Eating in Is the New Out
Since we are already spending so much time at home due to the pandemic, let's make it as fun as possible! In this episode, we'll show you some edible art and online viral recipes made with unexpected food combinations. Plus, a professional table coordinator gives tips on putting together a beautiful dining table perfect for posting on social media. (28 min)
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Tokyo Miracle City: Gourmet Capital - Keeping Alive the Spirit of Tsukiji
In the series Tokyo Miracle City, we unravel the secrets behind some of the capital's most intriguing wonders. In part one, we delve into Tokyo's famed and tantalizing food culture, exploring the role the iconic Tsukiji fish market played in Japan's culinary history. Actor Sato Takeru takes us on a journey back in time as we learn about the lives of the skilled specialists at the heart of the market and discover their unique contribution in the journey of seafood from ocean to table. (49 min)
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Tokyo Miracle City: Gargantuan Rail Network - The Passionate Pursuit of Punctuality
In the series Tokyo Miracle City, we unravel the secrets behind some of the capital’s most intriguing wonders. In this second episode, we explore the vast rail network that crisscrosses the metropolis. With 148 train lines carrying some 40 million passengers daily, Tokyo hosts the world's largest and most interconnected urban rail network. Actor Sato Takeru takes on a riddle-solving mission tied directly to the train schedule, putting the railways’ famed dedication to punctuality to the test in the process. Weuncover a fascinating history and meet the people whose tireless dedication keeps the whole intricate operation running like clockwork. (49 min)
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The Tale of Granny Mochi: Kuwata Misao
The Tsugaru peninsula lies on the northernmost edge of Japan's main island, and is home to some of the country's most untamed landscapes. For more than 30 years, 93-year-old Kuwata Misao has made over 50,000 Sasa-mochi rice cakes every year here, all on her own. She goes into the wilderness to find bamboo leaves, and grows her own azuki beans to ensure the perfect ingredients for her delicious mochi. What is the meaning of work? Of life? Of happiness? Granny Mochi's quiet, delightful tale warms the heart. (45 min)
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