Virtual Events

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4:30 pm (EST)

Super Sweet Fun! Explore and Experience Japanese Candy Art (Concluded)

Japanese candy art, 'Amezaiku', has delighted audiences in Japan for over 300 years. Amezaiku is the Japanese craft of sculpting sugar into intricate works such as realistic animals and fantasy ones like dragons. After amezaiku was brought to Japan, it was used to make offerings at temples in Kyoto where food was a common offering. As various forms of street performances began to flourish in Japan in the 17th - 19th century, amezaiku became a popular and common form of entertainment. We are inviting New York City-based Japanese candy artist, Candy5, who has been creating amazing works of art in the U.S. since 1996. With her extensive experience of creating gorgeous sugar sculptures made by stretching and shaping soft rice dough with her hands and tools, she brings sculptures to life. She will be performing live and offering a workshop that everyone can enjoy regardless of their age.
If you would like to make your own candy with Canday5, please acquire your own candies such as Hi-Chew (Soft Candy by Morinaga) if not Tootsie Rolls. We highly recommend Hi-Chew for the workshop because of their white colour and that they can be easily handled. Hi-Chew candies can be purchased online. Hard candies are not ideal as they can reach very high temperatures when heated and there is a risk of injury.

Material required to participate in the workshop:
- Hi-Chew or similar soft candy (e.g. tootsie roll) 
- Chopsticks
- Scissors
- Plastic/latex gloves
- Flour (recommended)
- Microwave or heating apparatus (this will be explained in the Webinar)



6:30 pm (EST)

Virtual Sake Tasting: Get your dinner and Sake ready in the comfort of your home (Concluded)

Toronto-based sake instructor and sommelier, Ms. Mariko Tajiri, will guide you through the basic element of sake and how pairing sake with food will greatly enhance a culinary experience. Sake is the perfect drink to bring out the full flavour of not only Japanese dishes but also non-Japanese food that are prepared at home. She has been working in the sake-promotion business for over 13 years. She also teaches with WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust), an internationally recognized wine education organization based in London, UK.
In order to make your experience more enjoyable, may we suggest the following local businesses in Ottawa who offer sake deliveries. Join our event along with your choice of sake to pair with your dinner at home. Please contact them directly to find out more about their services. Arlo


Discover Japan: NHK World Documentary Selection

The Embassy of Japan, in collaboration with NHK World-Japan, will be making 16 documentary videos are available for you to enjoy and discover Japan and Japanese culture.
  • Dignity for All: The Legacy of Sadako Ogata
  • Geiko Satsuki, A Beauty Through the Seasons
  • SAKE R-Evolution
  • Trails to Oishii Tokyo: Fabulous Fruits
  • Trails to Oishii Kyoto: A Culinary Tale
  • Stay at Home Kawaii
  • Tokyo Miracle City
  • The Tale of Granny Mochi: Kuwata Misao
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Documentary Film Screening "KICK" (Concluded)

This documentary captures six years in the lives of players with serious disabilities who aim to compete in the Powerchair Football World Cup. Nagaoka Mari suffers from special muscular atrophy and has never walked even a single step in her life, but she scores splendid goals while flipping her ponytail and displays fierce competitiveness against her opponents. Higashi Takenori has muscular dystrophy and leaves his ventilator attached while playing. The players focus single-mindedly on victory with support from their families and significant others. (Directed by Kazuhiko Nakamura, 2018, 118 min.)

Screening period: From February 24th at 9AM to February 26th at 9PM.
Once you have started the film, you have 24 hours to complete it.


7 PM

Nostalgia for Japan: Soprano Noriko Hashimoto's Virtual Concert

Ottawa-based Japanese soprano Ms. Noriko Hashimoto will perform Japanese traditional songs accompanied on the piano by Ms. Mayuko Takagi. Since her arrival in Canada in 2006, Ms. Hashimoto has performed in numerous concerts in Montreal and Ottawa as well as participated as a soloist with the International Choir (Montreal) during their 2019 Austrian tour. She is also the founder, director and conductor of the Melody of Japan Women's Choir in Ottawa.

 「さくらさくら (Cherry Blossoms)」
 「春の小川 (Whisper Whisper, Little Stream)」
 「たなばたさま (Star Festival)」
 「浜辺の歌 (At the Shore)」
 「もみじ (Autumn Leaves)」
 「赤とんぼ (Dragonflies)」
 「ペチカ (Pechka)」
 「冬の星座 (Winter Constellations)」
 「通りゃんせ (You May Go in)」
 「七つの子 (Mother Crow)」
 「ふるさと (My Country Home)」

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* Please note that this events schedule is subject to change due to COVID-19-related circumstances.