Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition: Harmony

On June 23rd and 24th, the Sogetsu School of Ikebana Ottawa Branch held its annual exhibition at the Embassy of Japan. During the two-day exhibit, more than 400 visitors came to admire the beautiful flower arrangements.
To begin the opening ceremony, Mrs. Anne Breau, Director of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana in Ottawa, and Mrs. Mikiko Mitchell, Exhibition Chair, delivered opening remarks. Representing the Embassy of Japan was Ambassador Ishikane. In his speech, the Ambassador noted that harmony should be a guiding principle for our interactions with nature, and for our interactions with one another. He ended his remarks by complimenting the harmonious relationship Japan and Canada share, and by encouraging all of us to reflect on how we can promote global harmony.
Exhibitors enthusiastically explained to visitors the various techniques they used to create their arrangements, which ranged from basic techniques of the Sogetsu School to more advanced ikebana techniques. Visitors experienced the powerful effects of Ikebana as the floral arrangements brought them relaxation, rejuvenation and profound joy.


Mrs. Breau, Director of the Ottawa Branch of the Sogestu School of Ikebana, giving her remarks
Mrs. Mitchell, Exhibition Chair, giving her remarks
Ambassador Ishikane delivering his opening remarks
Ikebana works on display

Ambassador toured the exhibition with the Sogetsu organizers More than 400 visitors enjoyed the exhibition over the course of the weekend

From left, Mrs. Mitchell, Ambassador Ishikane, Mrs. Breau