The 30th Japanese Speech Contest in Ottawa

On Saturday, March 2, 2019, Embassy of Japan and the Organizing Committee for the Japanese Speech Contest in Ottawa hosted the 30th Japanese Speech Contest in Ottawa at the Japan Information and Culture Centre of the Embassy with supports by Japan Foundation and Mitsui Canada.
This year marks the 30th anniversary for the speech contest. A total of 25 contestants who are currently studying Japanese expressed themselves through impassioned speeches. The venue was filled with many audience, including contestants’ family members and Japanese learners as well as related people.
In his remarks, Ambassador Ishikane noted that to learn a new language is to discover a new world, and that world, in turn, expands the way we think and who we are. Furthermore, he encouraged participants by sharing his experience of participating in an English speech contest in his school days.
Five contestants will be representing the Ottawa region and participating in the 30th Canada National Japanese Speech Contest at the Embassy of Japan’s auditorium on Sunday, March 24, 2019.
The results of the speech contest are as follows:
Beginner Category :
  •  The 1st Prize: Nan Shi (University of Ottawa) “About reading the atmosphere”
  •  The 2nd Prize: Ayoub Mahassine (University of Ottawa) “A penguin’s tale”
  •  The 3rd Prize: Yuxiang Li (Queen’s University) “Me and train”
Intermediate Category:
  •  The 1st Prize: Yu Lin (University of Ottawa) “Philosophy of Kintsugi”
  •  The 2nd Prize: Zehan Zhao (Carleton University) “Indecisiveness”
  •  The 3rd Prize: Helin Wang (Queen’s University) “My dream”
Advanced Category:
  •  The 1st Prize: Chikara Persaud (Carleton University) “Japanese Gacha culture”
  •  The 2nd Prize: Zhaoya Li (Queen’s University) “Good-bye and see you tomorrow”
Open Category:
  •  The 1st Prize: Melissa Illing (Carleton University) “Who are you?”
Special Prizes:
Jenny Dai
Zhian Shen
Ziwei Lu

Ambassador Ishikane delivering opening remarks
Opening remarks by Ms. Sasaki, Chair of the Organizing Committee
Audience and participants Ms. Wilkin, Chief Judge giving feedback on the contest 

Organizing Committee, judges and contestants

Nan Shi, 1st prize winner of the Beginner Category Yu Lin, 1st prize winner of the Intermediate Category Chikara Persaud, 1st prize winner of the Advanced Category Melissa Illing, 1st prize winner of the Open Category