The 31st Japanese Speech Contest in Ottawa

On Saturday, February 29, 2020, the Embassy of Japan and the Organizing Committee for the Japanese Speech Contest in Ottawa held the 31st Japanese Speech Contest in Ottawa at the Embassy of Japan’s Information and Culture Centre. A total of 22 contestants who are currently studying Japanese participated in the contest. The speech contest was organized with the support of Mitsui Canada, Japan Expo Canada, the Japan Foundation, True World Foods, and Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake.
In his remarks, Ambassador Kawamura noted that studying a language is much more than simply learning words and grammar. Learning a language opens one to a rich world of its own: a culture, a history, a way of life and a variety of practices by its speakers. He highly applauded the participants’s effort.
Many members of the audience were interested by the Japanese language and enjoyed the speeches covering a wide range of topics. Contestants not only aimed to improve their Japanese skills through their speeches but also organized and expressed their thoughts with confidence. The audience gave warm applause to each contestant.
Four contestants will be representing the Ottawa region and participating in the 31st Canada National Japanese Speech Contest in Toronto on Sunday, March 29, 2020.
The results of the speech contest were as follows:
Beginner Category:
The 1st Prize: Wentian Yao (Carleton University) “The difference between high school and university”
Intermediate Category:
The 1st Prize: Jason Deng (Carleton University) “View on the stage”
The 2nd Prize: Johar Pirzada (Carleton University) “When I become an adult”
The 3rd Prize: Rocky Zhou (Carleton University) “Reflection on the war”
The 4th Prize: Rupert Donovan (Carleton University) “Learning foreign languages”
The 5th Prize: Josh Hubley (University of Ottawa) “A Hong Kong story”
Advanced Category:
The 1st Prize: Zehan Zhao (Carleton University) “Animators in Japan”
Open Category:
The 1st Prize: Mano Hooper (Carleton University) “El Salvador: To build a house, to make a home”
Japan Expo Canada Prize
Zehan Zhao
Special Prizes:
Joshua Kamera
Yuxiang Li
Mireille Peththawadu
Ambassador Kawamura delivering remarks Remarks by Ms. Sasaki, Chair of the Organizing Committee
Audience and participants Ms. Clements, Chief Judge giving feedback on the contest
Organizing Committee, judges and contestants
Wentian Yao, 1st prize winner of the Beginner Category Jason Deng, 1st prize winner of the Intermediate Category Zehan Zhao, 1st prize winner of the Advanced Category Mano Hooper, 1st prize winner of the Open Category