Ambassador Kawamura’s speech at the Montreal Council on Foreign Relations

On December 1, Ambassador KAWAMURA Yasuhisa delivered a speech entitled “Japan-Canada: Strengthening the Rule of Law and Our Common Interests in the Indo-Pacific Region” in the conference hosted by the Montreal Council on Foreign Relations (CORIM).

Ambassador Kawamura noted that Japan and Canada, as well as Japan and Quebec , are “likeminded allies and partners” with strong historic bonds, common values, business relations and people-to-people ties.

Ambassador Kawamura’s speech focused on the opportunities and challenges for Japan and Canada as key partners in the Indo-Pacific region. He discussed Japan’s vision of a Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP), which seeks to achieve peace and stability in the region through the rules-based international order. Canada has expressed its commitment to cooperating with Japan to realize this vision.

Ambassador Kawamura discussed the various security issues in the Indo-Pacific region and the challenges to the rules-based international order. To tackle with such issues and challenges in the Indo-Pacific region, Ambassador Kawamura stressed that it is necessary that Japan and Canada work together. Ambassador Kawamura also explained the six priority areas for Japan-Canada cooperation for realization of FOIP .

Ambassador Kawamura concluded his speech saying that “acting together is power”.



Ambassador Kawamura’s speech at CORIM