Japanese Ambassador’s Award for Mr. David Worts

On February 26th, 2019, Ambassador Ishikane conferred the Ambassador’s Award on Mr. David Worts, Executive Director of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association of Canada (JAMA). Mr. Worts joined JAMA in 1984, and has been supporting trade and investment of Japanese automobile industry with and in Canada ever since. He also contributed to the promotion of the economic relationship between Japan and Canada in auto-industry during the trade conflict of the 1980s between the two countries as well as the negotiations of trade agreements such as Canada-US FTA and NAFTA. More recently, he has contributed in the CPTPP negotiations and ratification in collaboration with Japanese companies in Canada and the Embassy of Japan. Mr. Worts was given the Ambassador’s Award for this distinguished service.

In his remarks, Ambassador Ishikane extended his deepest regards to Mr. Worts, who has played an active and important role in promoting economic relations and mutual understanding between Japan and Canada. Mr. Worts, in turn, expressed his gratitude for the Ambassador’s Award and reaffirmed his wish to further promote the relationship between the two countries.
Congratulatory remarks by Ambassador Ishikane
Conferment of the Ambassador’s Award
Conferment of the Ambassador’s award
Return salute by Mr. Worts
Mr. and Mrs. Worts with Ambassador Ishikane and Mrs. Ishikane
Group photo