Craftsmanship of Japan: Choosing and caring for your Japanese knives

On March 25, the Embassy of Japan hosted an online seminar titled “Craftmanship of Japan: Choosing and caring for your Japanese knives”. The event was held in cooperation with local Japanese knife store, Knifewear and Carleton University Japanese Association (CUJA) to introduce Japanese traditional knives.
The event opened with remarks from the Deputy Head of Mission, Minister FURUYA Tokuro. He noted that the high quality and excellent design of Japanese traditional knives has been recognized at international knife shows. He further mentioned that Japanese knives are used in Michelin 3 star restaurants around the world.
During the event, Mr. FUJIMOTO Naoto, Knifewear Cultural Ambassador, discussed what makes Japanese knives different from other kinds of knives, such as their thinness and the hardness of the steel used to forge them. He also went over the uses for various types of knives, as well as how to choose the right knife for your needs. He used his expertise to demonstrate to the audience how to cut efficiently and keep their knives sharp. After his lecture, Mr. Fujimoto answered questions about how to maintain knives properly and others. The seminar was able to tell the audience on the uniqueness and high value of Japanese traditional knives.  
(The event is available at the link below.) 
Craftsmanship of Japan: Choosing and caring for your Japanese knives 

Minister Furuya gives opening remarks

Mr. Fujimoto shows how Japanese knives utilize
both hard and soft steel to maximize sharpness

Mr. Fujimoto explains how the sharpness of the blade allows it
to cut through the tomato without crushing it
Mr. Fujimoto demonstrates how the thinness of the blade allows it
to easily slice through squash