CUJA Japan Festival

On March 7, with the support of the Embassy of Japan, the Japan Foundation and Carleton University, Carleton University Japanese Association (CUJA) held the “Japan Festival” at the Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre.
In the opening ceremony, Mr. Akira Imamura, Minister at the Embassy of Japan, expressed his gratitude to Carleton University and CUJA for organizing the Japan Festival, which has played a significant role in building bridges and promoting mutual understanding between our two countries over the course of its history. He also highlighted the varied geography of Japan and the uniqueness of its regional cultures. Professor Mami Sasaki, coordinator of the Japanese Department at Carleton University, also gave remarks to open the event.  
The Embassy of Japan organized various performances. First a Kamishibai performance was held by Toronto-based storyteller Toshiki Mori. The stories of Issun-bōshi and Kaguya Hime from the Kansai region were read to the guests. Next, KDC Ottawa performed the Paprika and Sōran Bushi dances. A Yosakoi Performance inspired by a dance from Kochi Prefecture was presented by Team Kaede. Throughout the day, guests could also learn more about tourism in Japan and the JET Programme at the Embassy’s booths. The JET Alumni Association of Ottawa (JETAA) also had a booth to where members answered guests’ questions and promoted the JET Programme. Former JET Participants gave presentations about their JET life and their locality in Japan which were greatly appreciated and left a positive impact on the guests.
Food from different regions of Japan was also served throughout the afternoon to allow visitors a taste of Japan. The event was a great opportunity for guests to learn more about the regions of Japan and their different and unique food, language and culture.
Minister Imamura giving his opening remarks Embassy of Japan's booths
Guests enjoying the Kamishibai performance Guests watching the KDC Ottawa kids dance performance
Yosakoi performance Guests participating in a short Yosakoi workshop