Japan Foundation Traveling Exhibition “Contemporary Wood-Carved Netsuke”

From June 15th to July 9th, the Embassy hosted a travelling exhibition “Contemporary Wood-Carved Netsuke” in collaboration with the Japan Foundation. This exhibition has been held in 28 cities in 15 countries since 2018, and Ottawa was the first city to present it in Canada.
Netsuke are small handicrafts served as toggles to keep items suspended from the obi (kimono sash). They were actively produced in the Edo period (1603-1868), however, netsuke disappeared from daily life in Japan after Western clothing was adopted during the Meiji period (1868-1911). Meanwhile, netsuke came to be exported in large numbers and were highly regarded as art or craft objects overseas.
This travelling exhibition focused on the works selected from a public call for netsuke created by contemporary artists, active in Japan and abroad, as well as works that visitors can actually touch with their own hands.
About 600 people visited this exhibition. They enjoyed the fine details, the themes and the subjects of each work.

Netsuke Exhibit
Visitors enjoying Netsuke works