Introduction to Saké and Japanese Whisky Event “SAKÉ & WHISKY – Expand your knowledge of Japan's Drinks”

On February 28, in order to convey the appeal and knowledge of saké and Japanese whisky to more Canadians, the event titled "SAKÉ & WHISKY – Expand your knowledge of Japan's Drinks" was held at the Embassy’s Information and Culture Centre.
The event was held in cooperation with Toronto-based saké sommelier and saké lecturer Mr. Michael Tremblay, who has been actively working to spread the understanding and promotion of saké. He was also inducted as a Saké Samurai* in 2018. The event was also held in collaboration with Mr. Rob Rosenfeld, who has reviewed over 1,000 types of whisky and has conducted seminars on various whiskies that were produced not only in Japan but also overseas.
After the opening remarks by Deputy Head of Mission, Minister FURUYA Tokuro, saké and whisky presentations were given by both lecturers, explaining the history, production process, and taste of both drinks. They also talked about useful points for pairing drinks with food that are easily available in Canada so that people can enjoy them at home. Participants were invited to sample the bottles that were introduced during the presentations, and experience the unique taste of both drinks.
This event was attended by several local influencers and media representatives, and the event was covered on SNS and in the local media.
*"Saké Samurai" is a title awarded by the Japan Saké Brewers Association Junior Council for the purpose of promoting history and its culture through various activities in Japan and overseas. There are currently around 90 people with the title of Saké Samurai in the world.
The recorded saké presentation can be viewed at the link below:
SAKÉ & WHISKY – Expand your knowledge of Japan's drinks

Deputy Head of Mission, Minister Furuya delivering remarks

The audience listening to Minister Furuya’s remarks

Saké Samurai Mr. Tremblay gives presentation on the charm of saké

Mr. Rosenfeld gives Japanese whisky presentation

Participants deepening their knowledge through tasting drinks