JET 2021 Farewell Reception

On September 17th, Ambassador KAWAMURA Yasuhisa hosted a JET Programme Bon Voyage Reception at their residence. Twenty-two JET Programme participants who will depart for Japan in 2021 attended the reception.
Ambassador Kawamura began the event with opening remarks, thanking the new JET participants for their patience and cooperation. Guests proceeded to the garden for a group photo and then took part in a patio lunch, introducing themselves and discussing the experiences they are looking forward to in the future.

Group photo of the departing JETs together
with Ambassador Kawamura and Mrs. Kawamura

Ambassador Kawamura delivering the opening remarks at the reception

Special Japanese bento box prepared
by the Ambassador’s Residence Chef Kamiya Kenji

Ambassador Kawamura and Mrs. Kawamura
talking with the departing JETs about their placements in Japan

Departing JETs enjoyng the patio lunch