Japanese Kakehashi Project Participants Visit Ottawa


On March 19, 2018, 14 students from Chiba University visited Ottawa on the Kakehashi Project, an exchange program aimed to promote and strengthen cultural understanding between Japan and Canada.

The Japanese delegation's visit started with a briefing session at the Embassy of Japan. Counsellor Yuji Tokita gave a presentation on Japan-Canada cooperation, which covers a wide range of areas including economy, education and technology. This was followed by Ms. Ai Nakamura’s discussion on Canadian society. As the Embassy’s researcher, Ms. Nakamura also shared her academic research on Canadian multiculturalism policy and Indigenous issues.

In the evening, Ambassador and Mrs. Ishikane hosted a reception at their residence to welcome the delegation. They were joined by the graduate students from the University of Ottawa and Carleton University who had visited Japan in December 2017, along with members of the JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) Alumni Association of Ottawa and other guests. In his opening remarks, Ambassador Ishikane stressed the importance of forming networks and ensuring gifted young people from both countries to develop deep mutual understanding. Mrs. Christine Nakamura, Executive Director of the Asia Pacific Foundation Toronto Office also highlighted the significance of creating bridges for the betterment of future Japan-Canada relations. Mr. Kyosuke Yamamoto and Mr. Charles Boutet, student representatives of Chiba University and the Canadian universities respectively, expressed their appreciation towards the Government of Japan for providing them the opportunity to undertake the Kakehashi trip, and to form meaningful bonds with their counterparts.


Presentation by Counsellor Tokita   Presentation by Ms. Nakamura 
Students asking questions   Kakehashi Participants
Remarks by Ambassador Ishikane   Remarks by Mrs. Christine Nakamura, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
Remarks by Mr. Kyosuke Yamamoto, Kakehashi Participant   Remarks by Charles Boutet, Kakehashi Participant
Guests at the Reception   Ambassador and Mrs. Ishikane with the Kakehashi Participants
Guests enjoying Japanese food   Canadian and Japanese students sharing their Kakehashi experiences