Kawaii Night: Concert & Film

On January 16, the Embassy of Japan hosted Kawaii Night at the auditorium of the Information and Culture Centre.

A representative of the Embassy opened the night with brief remarks. Ms. Solange Phaneuf, Communications director and representative of the anime convention G-Anime, delivered an opening speech for the event. Guests had the chance to see a live performance of Toronto-based Japanese idol group, Twin Scoop. The performance was full of fun and energy. The event gave a glimpse of Japanese idol music and culture to the people of Ottawa. Following the performance, the movie Drowning Love (2016), featuring popular young Japanese actors and actresses, was shown as part of the 2019-20 Japanese Film Series.

After the film screening, guests greeted and took pictures with the members of Twin Scoop.

The Japanese idol group from Toronto also gave multiple performances at the Gatineau anime convention G-Anime over the following weekend, and introduced the appeal of Japanese pop music.
Ms. Solange Phaneuf, Communications director and
representative of G-Anime, delivering her speech
Japanese idol group Twin Scoop during their performance

Film screening of the 2016 film "Drowning Love" A guest taking a picture with Twin Scoop after the event