Live, Work, Study in JAPAN

On March 6, the Embassy of Japan and the Japan Exchange and Teaching Alumni Association (JETAA) of Ottawa co-organized an event entitled “Live, Work, Study in JAPAN!” The event provided information to the public about three people-to-people exchange programs facilitated through the government of Japan: the JET Programme, the MEXT Scholarship, and the Working Holiday.
Officials in charge of these programs from Japan and Canada gave presentations explaining the administrative aspect of the programs. This was followed by alumni of each program presenting their own experience.
After these informative presentations members of the public had the opportunity to chat at length with alumni of each program while enjoying Japanese food and drink.
Ms. Mai-Linh Nguyen, National JET Programme Coordinator giving a presentation
Ms. Sabrina Gauthier, JET Programme Alumna, explains her personal experience
Mr. Ito Shintaro gives a presentation about the MEXT Scholarship
Ms. Iuliia Kim speaks about her experience as a MEXT Scholarship alumna
Ms. Stefanie Mosier and Ms. Tatiana Hanlan of Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada, explain how the Working Holiday visa works
Mr. Matt Clement talks about his experience with the working holiday to Japan

Guests mingle while enjoying Japanese food and drink A guest enjoys a drink while chatting with a JET Alumnus