Nostalgia for Japan: Soprano Noriko Hashimoto’s Virtual Concert

On March 16, the Embassy of Japan hosted an online concert featuring Ottawa-based Japanese soprano singer Ms. Noriko Hashimoto and pianist Ms. Mayuko Takagi. The event was attended by many people on Facebook livestream, and subsequently uploaded to the Embassy of Japan in Canada’s YouTube channel. In the event, Ms. Hashimoto performed many traditional Japanese songs accompanied on the piano by Ms. Takagi. Since her arrival in Canada in 2006, Ms. Hashimoto has performed in numerous concerts in Montreal and Ottawa as well as participated as a soloist with the International Choir (Montreal) during their 2019 Austrian tour. She is also the founder, director and conductor of the Melody of Japan Women's Choir in Ottawa.

The video of the concert can be watched:
 「さくらさくら (Cherry Blossoms)」
 「春の小川 (Whisper Whisper, Little Stream)」
 「たなばたさま (Star Festival)」
 「浜辺の歌 (At the Shore)」
 「もみじ (Autumn Leaves)」
 「赤とんぼ (Dragonflies)」
 「ペチカ (Pechka)」
 「冬の星座 (Winter Constellations)」
 「通りゃんせ (You May Go in)」
 「七つの子 (Mother Crow)」
 「ふるさと (My Country Home)」

(left to right) Ms. Takagi (pianist) and Ms. Hashimoto introduce themselves Ms. Hashimoto performs traditional Japanese songs