Manga + J-Pop Culture – Online Manga Drawing Workshop

On January 21, the Embassy of Japan hosted an online manga workshop “Manga + J-Pop Culture” in cooperation with the Montreal Japanese Manga School, presented by Ms. Matsumoto Azusa, founder and CEO of the school, and its instructor Kazu. The event was held via Zoom webinar and Facebook livestream on the embassy’s Facebook page, and can now be watched on the embassy’s YouTube.
H.E. Ambassador Kawamura Yasuhisa gave opening remarks and spoke about the recent increase in interest Canadians have in Japanese manga, and the ability of manga to deliver many different values of Japanese culture and society. Following this Ms. Matsumoto introduced the origin of Japanese Manga, its contribution to the global spread of Japanese language, together with various activities of Montreal Japanese Manga School not only in Canada but also in other regions such as Africa. Instructor Kazu then demonstrated manga drawing, explaining throughout the various techniques she employs and giving advice to prospective manga artists.
The event concluded with Q&A in which participants asked questions ranging from practical advice to cultural questions about which manga has inspired the instructors the most. As an extra fun after the event, participants were encouraged to draw and submit their art to the school, which can now be watched on the school’s Youtube.

Ambassador Kawamura Yasuhisa delivers opening remarks

Ms. Matsumoto Azusa talks about Japanese manga

Instructor Kazu leads the manga drawing demonstration