“Quest for Economic Security: Japan, Canada, and the Indo-Pacific”

On June 15, 2022, the Embassy of Japan in collaboration with the University of Ottawa's Centre for International Policy Studies (CIPS) Asian Studies Network and CN-Paul M. Tellier Chair on Business and Public Policy hosted the online seminar “Quest for Economic Security: Japan, Canada, and the Indo-Pacific”. Ambassador YAMANOUCHI Kanji delivered opening remarks. Mr. OTA Yasuhiko, senior writer for Nikkei and author of the bestselling book “Geopolitics of Semiconductors” (in Japanese), gave the main presentation

In his opening remarks, Ambassador Yamanouchi discussed new economic security challenges, particularly in cutting-edge technologies like semi-conductors, and explained how Japan has recognized economic security as a new and critical challenge for its national security. He emphasized the importance of working together with allies to address economic security challenges. Ambassador Yamanouchi mentioned that, in May 2021, Japan and Canada shared their views to cooperate in six priority areas contributing to a Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP), including energy security and free trade promotion and trade agreement implementation. The Ambassador concluded by saying that “Canada-Japan cooperation will not only bring prosperity and stability of our two nations but also contribute to betterment of the Indo-Pacific and the world based on a free and open international order.”
Mr. Ota’s presentation discussed high-tech industries, particularly semi-conductors, and economic security in Japan, Canada, and across the Indo-Pacific. He talked about the geopolitical importance of semi-conductors, the rise of China in digital technology and the role of multilateral forums such as the Quad (Japan, the United States, Australia and India) and ASEAN in economic security. Mr. Ota argued that middle-powers such as Canada and Japan have a role to play in building the economic order in the Indo-Pacific.
Ms. N. Lynn McDonald, Director General of International Economic Policy at Global Affairs Canada (GAC), offered remarks following Mr. Ota’s presentation. She shared how Canada is working with Japan, notably in the six priority areas contributing to a Free and Open Indo-Pacific, and noted the importance of Japan as an economic partner for Canada. Professor Patrick Leblond, Associate Professor of Public and International Affairs and CN-Paul M. Tellier Chair on Business and Public Policy at the University of Ottawa, also offered remarks on economic security.
Following these remarks and presentations, a question and answer session took place. The discussion was moderated by Professor Scott Simon of the University of Ottawa.
Video link: Quest for Economic Security: Japan, Canada and the Indo-Pacific – YouTube


Ambassador Yamanouchi delivering his opening remarks

Mr. Yasuhiko Ota’s presentation