Japanese Saké Lecture and Non-Japanese Food Parings Event “Sake and Non-Japanese Pairings: From poutine to Beaver Tails and everything in between”

On February 19, in order to help increase the imports of Japanese saké to Canada, the Embassy of Japan hosted a saké lecture and non-Japanese food parings event at the Information and Culture Centre by welcoming Ms. Mariko Tajiri, saké sommelier who has been contributing to the popularization of saké in Canada. The event was attended by guests who have great interest in saké including restaurateurs, sommeliers, chefs, LCBO, food bloggers and food journalists.
In her lecture, Ms. Tajiri talked about the basics of saké followed by a saké tasting and tips on how to pair saké with locally available foods including olives, hams, and cheese. Guests also had an opportunity to pair saké with the beloved Canadian foods such as poutine and BeaverTails. Saké can be easily enjoyed in daily life.   
Following the lecture, guests were invited to taste five different saké and food parings. In order to allow guests to fully appreciate beautiful aroma of saké, wine glasses were used for tasting. Sake was also served in a variety of ways such as warm or cool. Guests were surprised and fascinated by the unusual parings of saké and foods.
Ms. Yukako Ochi, Director of the Information and Culture Centre, delivering remarks Ms. Mariko Tajiri speaks to the audience about the charm of saké
Saké lecture Guests discovering different pairings