Japan and Canada: Strategic Partners in the Indo-Pacific?


On March 7, 2019, Ambassador Ishikane gave a lecture titled, “Japan and Canada: Strategic Partners in the Indo-Pacific?” organized by the Centre for International Policy Studies to students from the University of Ottawa.

Dr. Scott Simon, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Ottawa, began the event by introducing Ambassador Ishikane. After a brief historical review of the relation between Japan and Canada, Ambassador Ishikane outlined different options for future of collaborations between Japan and Canada. He then reminded the audience that Canada, with its western continental coastline on the Pacific Ocean, has an significant role to play in the Pacific. He focused the remaining of his lecture on key areas where potential collaborations between Japan and Canada would contribute to fostering a free and open Pacific.

After his lecture, Ambassador Ishikane took questions from University of Ottawa students. The students’ questions touched on a variety of topics including climate change, gender equality, international development and trade.

Dr. Simon introduces Ambassador Ishikane
Ambassador Ishikane delivers his lecture
A student asking a question to the Ambassador
Ambassador Ishikane answers a student’s question

Ambassador Ishikane and Dr. Simon discuss the future of the relation between Japan and Canada