Online Japanese drum event “Taiko as a Performing Art”

On March 25, the Embassy of Japan hosted an online event featuring Oto-Wa Taiko, a local group which has dedicated more than 30 years of activities towards spreading the art of traditional Japanese drumming in Ottawa. The event was hosted online, livestreamed to the Information and Culture Centre’s Facebook page, and subsequently uploaded to the Embassy of Japan in Canada’s YouTube channel.

In his opening remarks Ambassador Kawamura expressed his appreciation for Oto-Wa Taiko’s important contribution in the community over many years, highlighting their many high profile public performances, including their performance to raise money for the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.

Following the opening remarks, Ms. Tomomi Sakajiri, President of Oto-Wa Taiko introduced history and different types of taiko. She then passed the floor to other members of Oto-Wa Taiko, including Mr. Akira Watanabe (Vice President), Ms. Yurika Murakami (Artistic Director), Ms. Karen Cuddihey (Secretary), Ms. Shiho Fujiwara, who consecutively explained different aspects of taiko including its play styles and introduced recordings of various live performances Oto-Wa Taiko has given over the years. The event concluded with a lively Q&A.

Ambassador Kawamura gives opening remarks

Ms. Tomomi Sakajiri, President of Oto-Wa Taiko,
gives a presentation about taiko
The audience watches a pre-recorded
video of an Oto-Wa Taiko performance
Mr. Akira Watanabe, Vice President of Oto-Wa Taiko,
responds to a question during the Q&A