Virtual Saké Tasting Event

On February 18, in order to introduce Japanese saké to a much wider audience and to support Japanese companies in Canada, the Embassy of Japan hosted a virtual saké tasting seminar titled “Virtual Saké Tasting: Get your dinner and Saké ready in the comfort of your home”. The seminar was held in cooperation with saké instructor and sommelier, Ms. Mariko Tajiri and was attended by a number of guests who have great interest in saké including restaurateurs, sommeliers, chefs, food journalists, media related people, and the general public.
The recorded seminar can be viewed at the links below:
At the beginning of the seminar, Ambassador Kawamura delivered his opening remarks. He noted that through the events, he hoped that the Ottawa and Canadian markets will gain more interest in saké and Japanese food. He also hoped that the event would help take participants’ mind off of the coronavirus situation and cheer them up for a moment while we go through this situation together.
In order to encourage people to enjoy saké more frequently in casual settings such as at home and also to encourage people to select saké for making a toast, the seminar was held around dinner time. Some participants had their saké ready in advance and joined the seminar along with their dinner at home. Participants listened to Ms. Tajiri’s presentation on saké as well as her comments about tasting, the depth of saké, and useful points about pairing saké with food.
Many questions were asked during Ms. Tajiri’s presentation. Some of the questions were about practical advice and how wooden barrels made from cedar influence the flavour and aroma of saké. The seminar introduced the audience to the diverse styles of saké and also demonstrated that saké can be easily paired with a variety of food beyond Japanese cuisine.
The saké varieties featured in the seminar can be obtained from the following places in Ottawa:
C'est Japon à Suisha
Arlo Restaurant
Ambassador Kawamura delivers opening remarks

Ms. Tajiri talks about saké

Ms. Tajiri talks about koji which is one of the crucial ingredients in saké brewing Ms. Tajiri gives some tips as to how to pair saké with food