Go Somewhere! Japanese Art Tour

From July 25 to August 4, the Embassy hosted an art exhibition entitled “Go Somewhere!” by a group of Japanese artists; Ms. Tomoko Aso, Ms. Akiko Takeuchi, Ms. Kurumi Wakaki, Ms. Mami Yonekura and Ms. Tsubomi Yonekura. This exhibition was organized by Mr. Tony Girardin, a film maker residing in Montreal, and is a part of an art tour travelling to Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. More than 650 people visited the exhibition at the embassy.
At the opening ceremony on July 25, Ambassador Ishikane delivered opening remarks, saying that while the Japanese and Canadian art scenes are both flourishing in their own particular ways, the chance to experience our respective creations first-hand is fairly rare. He hopes that this event can be a first step in bringing about new creative ideas and that this exhibition can act as a catalyst for mutual exchange of artists between two nations.
On August 3, a “Meet the Artists” event was held where visitors were able to interact with the five artists while also viewing their artwork. More than 200 people participated. The artists answered questions and gave a demonstration. It was a great opportunity to increase public interest in Japanese culture and art.  
On August 4, the artists visited the studio of Mr. Norman Takeuchi, a Japanese Canadian painter from Ottawa.
The next leg of the tour will be at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte from September 28 to October 12. If you missed Embassy’s exhibit, please visit this exhibition. (Please click here for more details)

Artworks at the exhibition
(clockwise from top left): Old Man in the Can by Mami Yonekura, Inside of a raindrop by Tsubomi Yonekura, Seven Lucky Gods by Kurumi Wakaki, Meal Preparation by Tomoko Aso, Already Morning by Akiko Takeuchi

Opening Reception (July 25)
Opening remarks by Ambassador Ishikane
Mr. Girardin making a speech
(from left): Mr. Tony Girardin, Ms. Tomoko Aso, Ms. Akiko Takeuchi, Ambassador and Mrs. Ishikane, Ms. Mami Yonekura, Ms. Tsubomi Yonekura and Ms. Kurumi Wakaki 

Meet the Artists (August 3)
Mr. Girardin introducing artists
Ms. Mami Yonekura
Ms. Tsubomi Yonekura
Ms. Tomoko Aso Ms. Akiko Takeuchi Ms. Kurumi Wakaki

Mr. Norman Takeuchi's Studio Visit (August 4)
Artists and Mr. and Mr. Norman Takeuchi