Guest Lecture: "Asia-Pacific Economic and Political Relations" Class at Carleton University

On Wednesday, May 23, Counsellor Tokita from the Embassy of Japan was invited by Professor Gerald Wright to comment on student presentations and to give a guest lecture for the “Asia-Pacific Economic and Political Relations” class at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, at Carleton University.

The event began with student presentations on the role Japan plays in Northeast Asia, with a particular focus on the security and economic situation in the region. Counsellor Tokita provided individual feedback to the presenters and answered some of the questions raised by their presentations.

Counsellor Tokita then provided a short lecture on Japan’s policy to extend the rule of law and promote peace and stability in the region. In particular, he explained that Japan is working towards the goal of creating a free and open Indo-Pacific region. To achieve this goal, Japan is trying to increase the connectivity in the region through the creation of new free-trade agreements and by collaborating with African countries on development initiatives.  

The event concluded with a lively question and answer session in which the students were able to learn more about Japan’s domestic and foreign policy by asking their questions to Counsellor Tokita. The questions asked covered a range of topics including the evolution of Japan’s role internationally and Japan’s aging population.
Counsellor Tokita and Professor
Wright listening to student presentations
Counsellor Tokita providing
feedback on student presentations
Counsellor Tokita delivering his guest lecture