Rendezvous between Ms. Akie Abe, spouse of the Prime Minister of Japan, and JET Programme Alumni in Ottawa

On April 28th, on the occasion of the official visit of the Prime Minister of Japan to Canada, the spouse of the Prime Minister of Japan Ms. Akie Abe met with 6 former participants of the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme. Ms. Akie Abe expressed her desire that they continue to act as a bridge between Canada and Japan by promoting Japanese language and culture within Canada, including the local customs of the towns in which they lived while in Japan.
The alumni, who now work in various fields including government, business, and cultural industries, discussed their experience in Japan and how it has remained an important part of their life. All the JET alumni are successful professionals who are leaders in their field, and achieved their positions as a direct result of their experience on the JET Programme. By virtue of their former experience all are members of the JET Alumni Association of Ottawa.
The JET Programme is an international exchange programme run by the Japanese government (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Council of Local Authorities and International Relations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs & Communications, and the Ministry of Education Culture Sports Science and Technology). Over 30 years old, the JET Programme has over 26,000 alumni in 18 countries throughout the world. Over 9000 Canadians have participated on the JET Programme including 240 who departed in 2018 and 180 departing in 2019. Interested participants can visit JET Programme Canada or contact the National JET Programme Coordinator at The next application period will open in September 2019.
JET Alumni have their photo taken with the spouse of the Prime Minister of Japan, Ms. Akie Abe Ms. Akie Abe met with JET Alumni