“Survival Cooking Class” Hosted by JET Alumni Association

On June 22, the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Alumni Association (JETAA), with support of the Embassy of Japan, held a Survival Cooking Class for new JET participants at the Laurentian Leadership Centre. JET alumni led a variety of fun and informative cooking and non-cooking workshops. 15 soon-to-depart JET participants spent an afternoon tasting Japanese seasonings and learning about daily life in Japan.

For the first half of the afternoon, participants rotated through three delicious cooking stations. JETs were introduced to Japanese short-grained rice, key Japanese seasonings, and different varieties of miso and dashi.

For the second half of the afternoon, participants were led through three more stations focusing on important aspects of daily life in Japan. The first station educated participants about basic Japanese table manners, such as chopsticks etiquette and taboos. The second station helped participants understand how to navigate a typical grocery store in Japan, including how to save money. The third station introduced participants to Japanese garbage and recycling sorting, a common concern of many new residents in Japan.

Participants expressed pleasure at how simple and delicious miso soup is and the way of recycling in Japan. JETs enjoyed this fun afternoon and gained confidence and readiness to go to Japan.
JET participants at the end of a successful afternoon of cooking and learning One variation of miso soup prepared by JET participants