Lecture by Minister Sasayama on the Ties between Japan and Canada


On November 27, a group of students from the Global and International Studies program at Carleton University visited the Embassy of Japan to listen to a lecture given by Minister Sasayama on the ties between Japan and Canada.

Since the students’ program focus on global issues and international studies, Minister Sasayama began the lecture by sharing his own professional trajectory as a diplomat. He then covered the economic, political, and people-to-people relations between Japan and Canada. Finally, he introduced a diplomatic case study to the students: The abduction of Japanese nationals by North Korea.

After his lecture, the students had the chance to ask questions to Minister Sasayama. Minister Sasayama gladly answered their questions about the importance of the relation between Japan and Canada to deal with the changing global, political and economic landscape. The students also had several questions about the case study of the abduction of Japanese nationals by North Korea, including the steps forward that should be taken to ensure their release.


Minister Sasayama lecturing on the 90 years of close ties between Japan and Canada Carleton University students listening to Minister Sasayama’s lecture
Minister Sasayama presenting the case study of the abduction of Japanese nationals by North Korea Students were able to ask several questions to Minister Sasayama

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