Police Certificate

A Police Certificate is an official document/certificate to prove whether or not you have a criminal record in Japan.

The certificate will be written in five languages including English.

The certificate will be sealed and it can only be opened by the requesting authority. If the envelope containing the certificate is unsealed before the requesting authority receives it, the certificate becomes invalid.

The certificate will normally be sent to the Japanese Embassy or the appropriate Consulate from the Japanese National Police Agency in Japan within 2 to 3 months from the submission of the application.

The certificate has to be picked up in person at the Embassy or the Consulate General.

The certificate is free of charge.

The Japanese National Police Agency will issue a Police Certificate as required under the following circumstances (which have been already approved by JNPA):

  • Applying for permanent residency in Canada
  • Obtaining a live-in caregiver visa in Canada
  • Applying for a student authorization for Canada (only when Canadian Embassy or Consulate abroad so requires)
  • Being hired by a federal government organization
  • Obtaining a license to own guns
  • Obtaining permission to access a nuclear power plant
  • Becoming a teacher or registering as a teacher in Ontario (elementary to high school)
  • Adopting a child in Ontario
  • Involved in child care in B.C.
  • Obtaining a liquor license in B.C.
  • Being employed by Canadian Embassy or Consulate in Japan
  • Obtaining permission to access the restricted area in an airport
If you require a Police Certificate for a reason other than those listed above you must provide a copy of the laws or regulations which state the requirement for the police certificate.

In order to apply for a Police Certificate you must provide the necessary documentation listed below:

  • Valid passport
  • Document to prove on which grounds you are required to apply for this certificate [i.e. Request for Police Certificate/Clearance (Appendix A) which you can download from IRCC website when applying for permanent residency in Canada, a letter from your employer (organization), potential employer (organization) or requesting organization]
  • Application form *
  • Fingerprint form provided by JNPA *
*Forms are provided at the Japanese Embassy or the Consulates General for you to fill out at the time of application. At that time, your fingerprints will be taken.

Please ask for further details at the closest Japanese Consulate or the Embassy before you apply.