Temporary Visitor Visa


This is not required if you are a citizen of one of the countries which has a visa exemption arrangement with Japan. Click here for a list.
(For sightseeing; visiting relatives, friends or acquaintances; attending conferences; participating in business meetings or athletic tournaments and so on that are not paid activities.)


1. Valid passport

2. An application form (Sample)

3. One photo taken within the last 6 months (2 in×2 in)

4. Proof of your legally residing in Canada (Permanent Residence Card, Visa, etc.)

5. Day-to-day schedule during your visit in Japan (Form)
 Alternative: If you are on a business trip, an itinerary from your company, or from the Japanese organization inviting you.

6. Proof of financial stability (T4, and/or last three months of bank statements)
 Alternative: If you are on a business trip, a letter from your company stating that all expenses in Japan are covered by your employer.

7. Return airline ticket or flight itinerary provided by an airline company or travel agency (Please note we are not responsible for tickets which are unusable due to delay or denial of visa).

8. Confirmation of hotel reservation
Alternative: If you are staying at a residence of your acquaintance, family or friend in Japan, her/his guarantor letter along with a copy of his/her photo ID, and a proof of her/his residency is required. (Sample letter form: English / Japanese)

9. Fee in cash


* Please note that additional documents may be requested due to the nature of the visa application process.