Online Cultural Event "The Art of Kintsugi"

On February 11th, the Embassy of Japan held an online event titled “The Art of Kintsugi” presented by Vancouver-residing Kintsugi artist, Ms. Naoko Fukumaru.

In his opening remarks, Ambassador Kawamura said that Kintsugi is the Japanese traditional art of repairing pottery using lacquer dusted with gold to highlight the restorations. It is gaining interest and popularity around the world and inspires us to embrace the history of a mended object rather than seeing it as broken.

Ms. Fukumaru has been a ceramic restorer in Europe and North America for more than 25 years. She talked about the differences between Western restoration and Kintsugi techniques from a professional point of view and explained how Kintsugi came into her life and changed her way of thinking.

After that, she introduced Urushi lacquer which is produced from the sap of a tree indigenous to Japan and is used as glue in the process of Kintsugi. Following her introductory presentation, Ms. Fukumaru showed and narrated a video of her demonstration of Kintsugi. She also introduced her recent collaboration activities with pottery artists in British Columbia.

At the end of the event, many participants commented and admired the beauty of her work and asked various questions, which proved their high interests in Kintsugi. 

Ambassador Kawamura delivering his opening remarks

Ms. Naoko Fukumaru giving her presentation

Kintsugi demonstration

Kintsugi works by Ms. Fukumaru

Ms. Fukumaru’s collaboration work with pottery artists in British Columbia