Frequently asked questions


Note: This information is designed as guide only and does not contain detailed information. If you require further explanation, please contact the Embassy of Japan or one of the Consulates General of Japan. This information is for Canadian citizens.



Q. As a Canadian citizen with a Canadian passport, do I require a tourist visa to enter Japan?

 A. No. Canadians who enter Japan as tourists may stay for up to ninety days as long as they hold a Canadian passport and do not receive any income while in Japan.


Q. I would like to work in Japan. How can I get a visa to work in Japan?

A. In order to get a visa to work in Japan, you must first find a potential employer who is willing to act as your sponsor and arrange for your certificate of eligibility. If you then qualify for a visa, one will be issued by a Japanese mission outside of Japan.


Q. Once I am in Japan, can I change my entry status. For example, can I change from a tourist to a work visa?

A. No. Once you are in Japan you cannot change your visa. However, if you receive an offer for employment while in Japan, it is possible to leave Japan and obtain a visa from a Japanese mission in Canada or in a third country, providing that you meet all the necessary visa requirements.


Q.  I would like to visit Japan for 10 days from April 8 - 18.  My passport is valid until June 3.  Does my passport have to be valid for at least six months after my departure date (April 8) as an entry requirement?

A. No. Japan does not require certain conditions concerning your passport's validity.  While it is better to have a passport which is valid for a longer period than six months, as long as your passport is not expired when you depart from Japan there should be no problem with your entry into Japan.