Virtual Bosai Show 2021

From September 18 to October 3, the Embassy of Japan held a bonsai exhibition online in collaboration with the Ottawa Bonsai Society. The Ottawa Bonsai Society’s Bonsai Show has usually been held at the Embassy of Japan in September every year, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was organized online as it was last year. 36 bonsai trees were exhibited this year.

In his video greetings, Ambassador Kawamura expressed his appreciation to the Ottawa Bonsai Society for their long-standing contribution to the promotion of bonsai and Japanese culture. He also mentioned the importance of learning how to connect and better co-habit with nature by working on bonsai.

On September 23, a virtual demonstration was conducted by Mr. Vianney Leduc, President of the Ottawa Bonsai Society. The process of a nursery-bought tree becoming a bonsai was explained and specialized tools were introduced. Various questions were posed by participants and answered by Mr. Leduc. It allowed the public to deepen their interest and understanding of bonsai. (Virtual demonstration is available at the link below.)

Ambassador Kawamura in his video greetings

Mr. Vianney Leduc, President of the Ottawa Bonsai Society
in his video greetings

Virtual Bonsai Show site

Ambassador Kawamura giving opening remarks at the virtual demonstration Virtual demonstration by Mr. Leduc