Ottawa Go Open Tournament at the Embassy of Japan


On November 3rd, the Embassy of Japan and the Ottawa Chinese Go Club hosted the 2013 Embassy Cup Go Open Tournament in the auditorium of the Embassy of Japan. This year, the event was attended by 40 enthusiastic Go lovers from cities across Ontario and Quebec, including Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City, as well as match spectators.


The players included families, those who became interested in Go through Japanese animation, as well as those who encountered Go while studying at Japanese universities. Though varied in their backgrounds, ages and level of experience, it was clear all the participants had strong enthusiasm for Go. Once the matches started, contestants were so focused on their games, the auditorium fell utterly silent and only the sound of placing Go stones was heard.


The tournament lasted the entire day, with participants enjoying the friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to play Go with players of different levels.





The Tournament






Prize winners with Mr. Charles Chang, Director of Ottawa Chinese Go Society and his wife Mrs. Isabel Chang (in the first row, fourth and fifth from right)