Lecture: How Do We Say “I Love You” in Japanese?


On September 21st, Dr. Takehiro Kanaya, a linguist and author, gave a lecture at Carleton University. The event was hosted by the Embassy of Japan and Carleton University's School of Linguistics and Language Studies. The title of the lecture was ‘How Do We Say “I Love You” in Japanese?’ Dr. Kanaya was the department chair of Japanese Language at the Centre for East Asian Studies at the University of Montreal until 2012.

Representing the Embassy of Japan was Minister Akio Isomata. In his opening remarks, Minister Isomata noted that there is a strong interest in learning Japanese in Ottawa and expressed his delight to see solid foundation and firm support is being provided by Carleton University, the University of Ottawa, and the Ottawa Japanese Language School. Following Minister Isomata's opening remarks, Dr. David Woods, Director of the School of Linguistics and Language Studies at Carleton University delivered his own remarks before introducing Dr. Kanaya.

The lecture was attended by approximately 180 people, including participants currently studying Japanese and members of the public. Dr. Kanaya discussed the structure of Japanese language as well as how Japanese language, Japanese culture and the Japanese language speaker’s psychological aspects are all deeply interwined. There was a lively question and answer period following the presentation.


Minister Isomata delivering opening remarks

Dr. Woods delivering opening remarks

Dr. Kanaya giving a lecture



From left to right: Dr. Woods, Dr. Kanaya, Minister Isomata, Ms. Elizabeth Sowka, Japanese language instructor at Carleton University