Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition: Celebration


On May 27th and 28th, the Sogetsu School of Ikebana Ottawa Branch held its annual exhibition at the Embassy of Japan. During the two-day exhibit, more than 370 visitors came to view the flower arrangements.

The Opening Ceremony was held on the first day and Mrs. Anne Breau, Director of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana in Ottawa, and Mrs. Mikiko Mitchell, Exhibition Chair, delivered opening remarks in which they also welcomed to the exhibition Ms. Seibi Mieko Watanabe, the Master who first brought Sogetsu instruction to Ottawa. Representing the Embassy of Japan was Ambassador Monji. In his opening remarks, Ambassador Monji noted how wonderful it is to see many Canadians embrace Ikebana and other forms of Japanese culture, adding to the strength of Canadian cultural diversity.

Sogetsu members created arrangements, drawing inspiration from this year’s theme, "Celebration," that reflects Canada's 150th Anniversary of Confederation, as well as the 90th Anniversary of the Sogetsu School itself, which was founded in Japan in 1927 by Sōfu Teshigahara.

From beginner to advanced level, exhibitors carefully considered their material and explored various techniques for employing the shape of branches, flowers and foliage to show the beauty of each one’s lines. Visitors were impressed by the subtle arrangements and serene atmosphere.

Ambassador Monji delivering opening remarks

Mrs. Breau, Director of the Ottawa Branch of the Sogestu School of Ikebana, giving remarks

Mrs. Mitchell, Exhibition Chair, giving remarks

Collaborative arrangements by Mrs. Breau and Mrs. Mitchell

Ikebana works on display

Ambassador and Mrs. Monji toured the exhibition with the Sogetsu organizers

More than 370 visitors enjoyed the exhibition over the course of the weekend

From left, Mrs. Breau, Ambassador Monji, Founding Master, Ms. Seibi Mieko Watanabe (Sogetsu School), Mrs. Monji, Mrs. Mitchell