Exhibition: The Sprisit of Budō – The History of Japan’s Martial Arts


On Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 the exhibition ‘The Sprisit of Budō – The History of Japan’s Martial Arts’ organized by the Embassy of Japan in collaboration with the Japan Foundation started at the Embassy and continued until May 16th. This exhibition supports the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Canada as well as to introduce Japanese martial arts to Canadian audience. This travelling exhibit has been curated by the Japan Foundation and the Embassy of Japan was pleased to be able to bring it to Ottawa.

In his remarks at the opening ceremony on April 29th, Ambassador Monji said to audience of over 200 people that he hopes the viewers will become aware of the rich history of Japanese martial arts and become interested in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2020. Japanese cultural demonstrations were also held every Saturday and Sunday in conjunction with the event. Participating organizations were Tateyama Dojo (Jōdō, Iaidō and Kendō), Tahahashi Dojo (Aikidō, Judō, Jōdō, Iaidō, Kendō, Kenjutsu and Goshinjutsu), Ottawa Japan Karate Association (Karate), Ottawa Bonsai Society, Ikebana International Ottawa Centennial Chapter, and Chadō Urasenke Tankōkai (Tea Ceremony).

The exhibition charts the development of Japanese martial arts from battlefield combat techniques bujutsu to popular sports or physical exercise training body and spirit budō. Budō is the Japanese word for 'martial way' and refers to those martial disciplines whose ultimate goal is spiritual awaking and self-development. During the exhibition period, more than 980 people visited the Embassy to enjoy exhibits and demonstrations.



Ambassador Monji giving opening remarks

Exhibition on April 29

Iaidō and Jodō demonstrations by Tateyama Dojo on April 29

Kendō demonstrations by Tateyama Dojo

Bonsai demonstration by Ottawa Bonsai Society on April 30

Aikidō and Judō demonstrations by Takahashi Dojo on May 6

Jodō and Kenjutsu demonstrations by Takahashi Dojo

Kendō and Iaidō demonstrations by Takahashi Dojo

Ikebana demonstration by Ikebana International Ottawa Centennial Chapter on May 7

Karate demonstrations by Ottawa Japan Karate Association on May 13

Japanese Tea Ceremony by Chadō Urasenke Tankōkai on May 14