Washoku Workshop by Chef Okumura


On February 6, Mr. Masashi Okumura, the Japanese Ambassador’s chef, had a cooking workshop at La Cité Collégiale in Ottawa. About 15 students from the Culinary Art Course participated in this class. Prior to the demonstration Mr. Shiraishi from the embassy gave a short presentation on Washoku (Japanese cuisine).

Chef Okumura cooked miso-soup first, while explaining how to prepare dashi (Japanese stock), which forms the base of Washoku. After that, he explained how to make sushi. Then the students tried making makizushi and nigirizushi by themselves.

Students were interested in new ingredients such as katsuobushi (cured bonito shavings), konbu (dried kelp), and miso, and also enjoyed making their first sushi. We hope Washoku, recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage, will become more widespread through future chefs in Canada.



Presentation by Mr. Shiraishi


Demonstration by Chef Okumura

Demonstration by Chef Okumura


Chef Okumura gives advice on how to make sushi


Students making their first sushi


Tasting Time


Chef Okumura and students