Japanese Art Exhibition


From March 19 to 25, the Embassy of Japan hosted a Japanese Art Exhibit in the Embassy’s auditorium. The event began with a moment of silence to remember those who have passed away, and those who are still suffering from the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on March 11. Ambassador Ishikawa made opening remarks expressing his deep gratitude and sincere appreciation for the tremendous volume of messages of sympathy and encouragement, and offers of assistance that he has received from people across Canada. He further stated that the Japanese people are on the road toward rebuilding the country and he assured the audience that Japan will rise again.


After the Ambassador’s remarks, the three exhibiting artists from Ottawa, calligrapher, Ms. Johanne Léveillé, acrylic painter, Mr. Katsumi Idogawa, and Sumie painter, Mr. Mitsugi Kikuchi were introduced.


The calligrapher, Ms. Johanne Léveillé studied and worked in Japan for many years and is very fluent in Japanese. Her work has been published in Japan, England, and the United States.


The acrylic painter, Mr. Katsumi Idogawa is an accomplished martial artist as well as an editorial and commercial illustrator. In 2003, he won the first prize in a children’s book contest run by Shinpusha publishing.


The Sumie painter, Mr. Mitsugi Kikuchi is also known as a grand master of ikebana. In 2002, due to his dedication to promoting ikebana and producing works as a Sumie painter, he received the Foreign Minister award.


Over the week, more than 360 people visited the exhibition and enjoyed the works of great originality. One visitor commented, “Even though Japan is currently facing a very difficult time, these works are full of beautiful nature, art, and tradition, which remind us of Japan’s true beauty.”

Ambassador Ishikawa making opening remarks


From left: Mr. Mitsugi Kikuchi, Mr. Katsumi Idogawa, Ms. Johanne Léveillé

Visitors at the exhibit

Ambassador Ishikawa and visitors at the exhibt

Ms. Johanne Léveillé’s work


Mr. Katsumi Idogawa’s work


Mr. Mitsugi Kikuchi’s work

Mr. Mitsugi Kikuchi’s flower arrangement