Presentation by Ambassador Okuda at the Japan Society


On April 10th, Ambassador Okuda gave a presentation on “The Abe Administration’s Foreign and Economic Policy” at a luncheon hosted by the Japan Society in Toronto. 


More than 60 people attended the luncheon presentation including corporate and individual members of the Japan Society.


Following an introduction by Mr. Ben Ciprietti, President of the Japan Society and Mr. John Craig, Chairperson of the Japan Society, Ambassador Okuda gave a presentation.  Ambassador Okuda began by discussing the new National Security Strategy adopted by the Government of Japan last December, explaining the background which motivated the Government of Japan to review the security policy, notably the security environment surrounding Japan and the constraints placed on the Japanese Self Defense Forces under the Japanese Constitution.  In the latter half of the presentation, Ambassador Okuda examined the economic policy of the Abe administration particularly focusing on the structural reforms being made under the “Third Arrow” of so-called “Abenomics.”


During a question and answer period following the presentation, Ambassador Okuda fielded questions on a wide range issues including discussions of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, the response by the Government of Japan to the recent crisis in Ukraine, the “Third Arrow” of “Abenomics” and Japan’s energy policy.