Canadian Relief Assistance to Japan


  1. Further to the offer by the Canadian Government to provide relief assistance to the region affected by the March 11th earthquake and tsunami which hit the northeastern part of Japan , approximately 25,000 thermal blankets are scheduled to arrive at Narita Airport March 17th at noon(March 16th , 23:00(EDT)). These relief materials will then be delivered to the affected areas.
  2. Japan has received heartfelt messages of sympathy and condolence, along with offers of assistance, from its Canadian friends and colleagues beginning at the earliest stages of this unfolding disaster. Among those were messages from His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston and the Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon has also been most encouraging, asserting in a statement he made March 14th that Canada stands ready to assist Japan and is prepared to provide professional and technical assistance as needed. The Government of Japan has reiterated its deep gratitude to the Canadian Government for its ongoing cooperation.


(Note: The relief materials provided by the Government of Canada are scheduled to arrive at Narita Airport at March 17th at 12:15 PM aboard Kalita flight 4846)