The acceptance of donations from the Ottawa Japanese Language School


The Ottawa Japanese Language School (OJLS) organized a two-day fundraising event on March 19 and 26 to support the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. They raised a total of CAN$10,000 (approximately CAN$6,000 received from students and approximately CAN$4,000 as a matching gift from the OJLS).


On April 20, the donation was presented to Ambassador Ishikawa at the Embassy by members of the OJLS including Ms. Kazuko Kobayashi, principal; Ms. Yoko Mongeon, vice-principle; Mr. Tim Folkins, board chairperson; and Mr. Mike Haug, board treasurer. Aside from collecting donations,“Senbazuru” (one thousand origami cranes) with messages written on the wings were prepared for one of the elementary schools in the severely affected areas.


The circle of support for Japan is growing with many charity events being held not only in Japan but also in Canada. This generous support is a reminder to the Japanese people of the depth of compassion that people in Canada have for Japan, and this support is greatly appreciated.

From left, Ms. Yoko Mongeon, vice-principle; Ambassador Ishikawa; Mr. Tim Folkins, board chairperson; Ms. Kazuko Kobayashi, principal; and Mr. Mike Haug, board treasurer