Online Japanese Candy Art Event

On February 11, the Embassy of Japan hosted an online candy art event called “Super Sweet Fun! Explore and Experience Japanese Candy Art” in cooperation with Candy5 to introduce traditional Japanese candy craft artistry. The event was held via Zoom webinar and Facebook livestream on the embassy’s Facebook page, and can now be watched on the embassy’s YouTube page.
Prior to moving to the United States, Candy5 was an apprentice to one of the leading candy sculpture artists in Tokyo. She performed and introduced candy art to people around the world at a Japanese-themed pavilion called the Japan Pavilion that is part of the World Showcase, within Epcot at Walt Disney World in Florida. Currently, she resides in New York City and continues to fascinate many people with her abundant experience and fine workmanship.
Ambassador Kawamura began the event by giving opening remarks, in which he expressed his hope that the event would introduce the beauty of unique traditional Japanese candy craft artistry. He also wished that through participating in an event like this, people would experience traditional Japanese culture.
During the event, Candy5 did a live performance by creating six different animals. She also screened the pre-recorded video of her making some characters from Japanese animation. Furthermore, audience tried creating candy art by using candies such as Hi-Chew with the help of Candy5. The event concluded with a Q&A session and many questions were asked including Candy5’s favorite candy sculpture.
Ambassador Kawamura gives opening remarks

Candy5 performs live by creating flamingo with a pair of scissors

Candy5 puts some edible colours on a unicorn Candy5 shows audience all of the animals
that she made live during the event