School Visit Program

On November 16, the Embassy of Japan hosted approximately 35 students from South Carleton High School at the Embassy auditorium as part of its School Visit Program for a lecture on Japanese Food. Students learned about the importance of health, seasonal ingredients, rice, and soybeans in Japanese culture during the interactive lecture. Tea ceremony and the culture of “kyushoku,” or school lunches, were also discussed. After the lecture, students participated in a competitive game to transfer dry kernels of rice from plate to plate with chopsticks as prizes.
The Embassy of Japan’s School Visit Program operates throughout the year and provides many Ottawa students the opportunity to learn about different subjects related to Japan. This program is originally offered in-person either at the Embassy of Japan or in classroom. Due to measures against the spread of COVID-19, it is currently also offered virtually via Zoom – however, in person visits are possible again now depending on the infection situation and by a request. You can find details of the program here.
Students listening to the lecture Students participating in the game