A Meeting on Disaster Prevention Hosted by Carleton University

(A lecture by a Japanese expert on disaster prevention measures)


On February 2nd, a meeting on disaster prevention; Disaster Proofing Canada was held in Ottawa, hosted by Carleton University. During Session 3: Lessons from Abroad, Mr. Kimio Takeya, Distinguished Technical Advisor to the President of JICA and Visiting Professor of the International Research Institute of Disaster Science at Tohoku University, delivered a lecture entitled “Lessons from Japan, How to Prepare for Disaster & the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (DPR).

About 100 participants, including Members of Parliament, federal government officials, diplomats and private sector representatives, attended the meeting. Among them were Ambassador Monji and other officials from the Embassy of Japan. Professor Takeya’s lecture mainly concerned Japan’s expertise in disaster prevention measures, accumulated through frequent encounters with natural disasters, and its contribution to the UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction that was held in Sendai City in 2015. The audience listened to the lecture attentively and asked many questions concerning actions taken in Japan to engage political leaders and ongoing disaster prevention efforts in developing countries resulting from the UN Conference in Sendai.


Ms. Maureen Boyd, the primary host of the meeting

Prof. Takeya during the lecture


(From left to right : Mr. Phillip Gibson, New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Prof. Kimio Takeya, Ms. Susan Harada, Associate Director of Carleton University (moderator)

The attentive audience


Watching the presentation


Ambassador Monji, the Indonesian Ambassador and New Zealand’s High Commissioner