Traditional Japanese Painting and Ink Brush Painting Exhibition by Mr. Mitsugi Kikuchi

The Embassy of Japan was pleased to host an exhibition of traditional Japanese painting (Nihon-ga) and ink brush painting (Sumi-e) by Japanese painter Mr. Mitsugi Kikuchi from October 19th to 27th. Together with 30 of Mr. Kikuchi’s paintings, Ikebana works created by his Ikebana pupils and friends were also exhibited.


Mr. Kikuchi moved to Ottawa in the 1960s. While he has been working actively as a professional painter (Sumi-e, Nihon-ga, water colour and oil paintings), he has contributed to the promotion of Japanese culture by teaching Ikebana to people in Canada over many years. For his achievements, he was awarded the Japanese Foreign Minster’s Commendation in 2002 and the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays, by the Government of Japan in the spring of 2012.


In the remarks given at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Ambassador Okuda commended Mr. Kikuchi on his contribution to the promotion of Japanese culture in Canada, referring to his nearly half century of cooperation with the Japanese Embassy. Furthermore, Ambassador Okuda introduced one of Mr. Kikuchi’s masterpieces “Autumn in the Capital” which had been displayed at the Japanese Ambassador’s residence over the years and was exhibited for the first time to the public.


Visitors were captivated by the delicate and elaborate expression of Mr. Kikuchi’s paintings, which skilfully depict the vitality of their subjects. At the same time, visitors enjoyed the natural harmony between the paintings and the Ikebana works displayed.


On the first day of the exhibition more than 170 people came to the exhibition.



Ambassador Okuda giving opening remarks



Mr. Kikuchi making opening remarks.



Visitors attending the opening ceremony




Mr. Kikuchi's paintings ("Autumn in the Capital" and "Red Mt. Fuji") and his Ikebana work



Visitors enjoying the exhibition