Ottawa Bonsai Society Annual Exhibition 2017


On September 9 and 10, the annual Bonsai Exhibition by the Ottawa Bonsai Society was held at the Embassy auditorium. The Ottawa Bonsai Society was established in 1984 and presently has 75 members. This is their 14th exhibition at the Embassy and over 450 people visited this year’s show.

At the opening ceremony, following the welcoming remarks by Mr. Vianney Leduc, president of Ottawa Bonsai Society, Minister Morino delivered opening remarks and said that relationship between Japan and Canada is full of potential, just as young bonsai trees and new bonsai artists are.

There were more than 40 examples of beautiful bonsai including a 160 year-old tree. President Leduc also gave interactive demonstrations on both days of the show in the afternoons, introducing techniques and skills to create bonsai.


Mr. Leduc welcoming visitors

Opening remarks by Minister Morino

Minister Morino and Mr. Leduc

OBS member giving explanation to visitors




Mr. Leduc answering questions after demonstration


Visitors admiring the art of bonsai