Tourism and Cultural Exhibition of the Japan Booth at the Ottawa Travel and Vacation Show


The Embassy of Japan, in cooperation with the Japan National Tourism Organization’s (JNTO) Toronto office, tourism companies and Japanese airlines, hosted a booth to promote Japan as a tourism and cultural destination during the Ottawa Travel and Vacation Show at Shaw Centre on March 25th and 26th. At the booth, Embassy staff provided brochures while the tourism companies and airlines provided information on their goods and services for visiting Japan.


With the help of Japanese high school students studying in Ottawa, a special corner reproducing a guest room in a Japanese-style inn was set up inside the booth. This is where visitors tasted Japanese tea cultivated in Kyoto and Kagoshima Prefecture and enjoyed demonstrations of Japanese culture, including origami, kendama (Japanese bilboquet) and calligraphy. Many people visited the booth and participated in these activities, taking advantage of a great opportunity to experience Japanese culture.


The Embassy also held a seminar at the venue. Following opening remarks by Ambassador Monji, several presentations were made. Among them was a presentation on an overview of tourism in Japan by Mr. Hideaki Nakazawa, Executive Director of JNTO in Toronto, and another on Japanese cities and culture that appeal to Canadians by Mr. Malcolm Maclure - a JET alumnus. The participants asked many questions during these presentations, including the costs to stay in Japan and the manners to be observed when using hot springs. The seminars’ popularity illustrated the high level of interest in Japan as a tourism destination and in its culture.


During the demonstration of Japanese cuisine, the Ambassador’s executive chef Mr. Ichiro Fujii, demonstrated how to make sushi and miso soup. The session was so popular that for some attendees only standing room was available. Many of them were captivated by the chef’s skillful hands and fingers techniques and the beautifully crafted sushi rolls. Following the demonstration, attendees were able to sample the sushi rolls and miso soup, taking advantage of a great opportunity to enjoy Japanese food culture.