2016 New Year Reception


On January 12, Ambassador Monji hosted the 2016 New Year’s Reception at his residence. About 100 people attended this lively event including Japanese nationals and Japanese Canadians living in Ottawa area.


In his opening remarks, Ambassador Monji looked back on the Japan-Canada relationship over the past year and he expressed his enthusiasm for further promotion of bilateral relations in various areas including economy, international security, science and technology, culture. He also looked forward to events in the upcoming year including Japan hosting the Ise-Shima G7Summit in May in Mie Prefecture which he noted will be an excellent opportunity to further promote Japan-Canada relations with the visits to Japan of so many important figures from Canada including Prime Minister Trudeau.


A variety of dishes prepared by the Ambassador’s chef were served including Osechi (Japanese New Year dishes), sushi and tempura as well as Japanese sake from different regions. An Ikebana flower arrangement by Ms. Wendy Batson, Ohara School instructor, and Japanese New Year decorations added a festive atmosphere to the reception.



Ambassador Monji at receiving line



Ambassador Monji delivering his opening remarks



Guests enjoying Japanese food by the Ambassador’s chef



Guests had an opportunity to try different kinds of sake






Ikebana created by Ms. Wendy Batson